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My story

Hello everyone! :)

I introduce myself. Jessie, mother of three girls and entrepreneur for almost 3 years.


You know sometimes we look for each other a little... that's what happened to me! I studied early childhood education and special education but it wasn't for me. At this point in our lives, my youngest daughter was 1, wore cloth diapers & honestly it was real cloth diaper craze .


I fell asleep thinking that wow I would so love to be a seamstress! Everything seemed to point me in this direction, but the only "problem" was that I didn't know how to sew and my wallet was starving! (hehe)


One night, I dreamed that my business was running at full speed with a nutella fabric that I had fallen in love with during the day. So I took my courage in both hands (ok... my cell phone in both hands) and I ordered all the necessary equipment. This is how my Sapharie business was born! Since that time I have been in entrepreneurship and I continue to give the best of myself .

Looking forward to getting to know you better


jessie lafontaine
Facebook Sapharia
NEQ: 227 528 2616 

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